Development: Themes & Timing

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Themes are a powerful tool in scriptwriting and filmmaking whether we begin with a theme or draw it out after a draft of our script is written. Characters can use them, crew can use them and they can even be used to create the loglines that support communicating the soul of a film.

In this course we will find themes in our own work and existing films. We we work with the theme of a scene, a character, a location, the entire film and consider how they all work together to help us communicate our story VISUALLY. Show not tell.


When we have a story it can unfold in infinite ways. Our choices in terms of the order of events (how they happen in the world of the story but also how they are revealed to the audience), the length of an event/scene, etc. have a major impact on the film.

In this course we will work with building and releasing tension, tools that help us to play with timing and order in our films and refining/shortening our scripts when necessary.