Sermonizing with Sista Docta Alexis.

Last Sunday we prayed an affirmative prayer

intended to activate 3 things:

1) Our ability to remember and do those practices that give us spiritual power and perspective;

2) Our ability to harvest all the good; draw all the lessons and insights we can from the challenges we are moving through AND understand that this is a part of the process [NOTING: our process can be as easy as we make it but our challenges are part of our journey of life];

3) Our ability to move forward in the direction of our own joy and well-being with gratitude.

We offered an invitation to share in three practices on the level of spirit-mind-body:

1) Generative questions to shift toward an affirmative conversation and vibration;

2) Mindful meditation to still any confusion or frenetic energy;

3) Drinking good intentioned water to cleanse our bodies and offer release of anything that is not serving our well-being.

This is Sundays’ sermon: Today I am offering a brief sermonic reflection

that may be useful to some of us

for the challenges we are growing through at this time.

Sermon Practice (now)

Sermon Practice (now)

Why is it so easy to see God-Infinit every where you go and in everything you see and touch? 

I come from a thick legacy of Black Baptist preachers and church ministers. I weave that legacy with traditional African spiritual practice and other spiritual sciences I experience and learn about everywhere all the time.