Current Projects & Practices Overview

Mobile Homecoming, Black Feminist Film School, Sermons and Morning Time are my primary projects. They are sourcing my upcoming exhibition at UMN in the Twin Cities. The exhibition is called Inherit Light: An Evolutionary Practice of Love Consciousness (9/6/18-10/6/18). MORE

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Institutional Collaborations

In addition to growing the work in Durham, NC, we are also activating Mobile Homecoming (MbHc) and Black Feminist Film School (bffs) inside of institutions and with local communities (outside of Durham) during 2017-2019. At Lawrence University in Appleton, WI in collaboration with Amy Ongiri, director of Film Studies, we began to activate bffs as Visiting Faculty in September 2017 for the students there. At University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in Minneapolis, as artist in residence with the department of Art, I am expanding my sermon practice. This includes writing sermons and building a dome that has multi-sensory and interactive elements inside. This is the vibrationally specific scultpure where I will activate the sermons.

Transforming the resources of institutions into love is no easy task. Witnessing the trauma and violence institutions visit on under-represented people, Black women in particular, from the inside requires a great deal of cleansing and spiritual practice.

The gift, however, is that it gives us insight from which to create other possibilities (other ways to be #tonimorrison) and tools for collective liberation. I plan to blog journal and video blog about my experiences. Ultimately, I will share some of the music I am composing around this energy and I think a script will also come out of this experience that can, prayerfully, reflect back to the well-meaning white folks who enact the violence of institutions on their co-workers, collaborators and fellow human-beings and inspire their transformation as well as inspire Black women to GET OUT*.

an evolutionary practice of love consciousness


This exhibition will feature Sermons, Interactive Altars, a Multisensory Dome inside of which the sermons will be activated, adornment and other visual art elements sourced by Sangodare's art and spiritual practice. The sermons draw on Black Feminist Sacred Texts, Scriptural wisdom from the African diaspora and Soul music. The altars are activated by touch and intention which call forth sound, video and/or light to the altar. Stay tuned to Sangodare's Blog on this site for updates. The events that will take place during the exhibition are listed below.

Inherit Light: An Evolutionary Practice of Love Consciousness, the exhibition, opens on the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis, MN on September 6th, 2018 at the Quarter Gallery in the Regis Center for the Arts.

Sangodare at Sharon Bridgforth's play Opening Night

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Exhibition Events


Friday, September 7th 6:30-8:30pm -

Opening of the Exhibition. Sangodare will also share a sermon.


Prayer Meeting

Sunday, September 9th 2:30-5:30pm -

Sharing the technology Sangodare developed (from the process of developing characters for film) using affirmative collective and individual composing to create sound art. Sangodare will also share a sermon.

Testimony Service

Thursday, September 13th 6-8:30pm -

Using recorded sound and extemporaneous testimony in an interactive space. Sangodare will also share a sermon.


Praise Dance

Saturday, September 15th 6:30-10pm -

Dance party with facilitated activities. Sangodare will also share a sermonette.


Choir Practice

Tuesday, October 2nd 5:30-7:30pm -

Facilitated congregational/collective singing and a process Sangodare created for collective composing using Black Feminist texts and Black Church music traditions from the south.



Saturday, October 6th 4-7:30pm - (aka Closing)

Tent revival style event. A seal to close the exhibition. Sangodare will share a sermon.


Quarter Gallery
Regis Center for the Arts
Universty of Minnesota (UMN) Twin Cities Campus

405 21st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454


*I am both making a play on words by referencing the title of the 2016 film GET OUT and suggesting that the academy is no place to stay long term.