NOTE: Friday venue has changed to Hayti Heritage Center (See below)



This gathering is an opportunity for us to Celebrate, Afform and Testify. For three days we are Honoring and Remembering our LGBTQ, Black Feminist and Creative legacies inside of Black Church traditional forms.

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Foreground image in church fan is from Pauli Murray, Roots and Soul (detail), mural by Brett Cook, part of Face Up: Telling Stories of Community Life Project in Durham, North Carolina

I will update this page along the way. There are more details below. Created: 7/24/19; Last Update: 7/27/19

  • Travel and Logistics

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… so this means that this site is constantly under construction. If you see anything wonky just check back later or reach out for clarity.


Friday, September 27th - Sun., Sept. 29th

Note: It just so happens to be Pride weekend in Durham

Travel & Logistics

To participate in all we have planned I would say the ideal travel schedule would have you arrive in Durham (RDU Airport - Raleigh Durham International Airport) on Friday morning or early afternoon (the 27th) and departing Monday morning (the 30th). Right now our plan is to begin welcoming people officially Friday at about 4pm and Finishing up on Sunday by 8pm.

Anywhere near central Durham for your accommodations is fine (i.e. downtown, Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, etc.) because most places are about 15mins apart or less. We have stayed at Residence Inn on W. Main St., Home 2 Suites on Watkins just off Durham-Chapel Hill and had your mediocre to average hotel experience. In terms of location these are centrally located and there are other hotels nearby.

The colors are purple & turquoise, red and gold.

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NOTE: Friday venue has changed to Hayti Heritage Center (See below)


Celebration… and Revival Service featuring a Sacred Adornment Ritual/Fashion Show.


Hayti Heritage Center
804 Old Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC 27701

Attire & Adornment
Come as you are. Dress ALL the way up if you like!
There will be congregants in jeans & T-shirt as well as full formal wear and face paint.


Welcome and Revival Service including a When We Free ritual screening.


Full Frame Theater
(In the old Power Plant; center of American Tobacco Campus)
320 Blackwell St #101, Durham, NC 27701

Attire & Adornment
Casual to Casually Chic to Dressy.
But as always come as you are. Dress up if you like!




Revival Service including Morning Worship followed by a Gospel Get Down! - For the Whole Family Fundraiser with special guests including Toshi Reagon, Alexis Pauline Gumbs and others.

Attire & Adornment
Casual to Casually Chic to Dressy.
But as always come as you are. Dress up if you like!

11am - Morning Service

Gospel Get Down! - For the Whole Family Fundraiser

Tickets Sliding Scale $25-$100+

Northstar Church of the Arts
220 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701

Reasonings & Musings

My hope, prayer and intention for this birthday is that I and We get to be in a black queer space of love and infinite possibility; that this is a vibration that we can hold together for extended moments over the course of the weekend;
that we get to be in some of the traditions that we have created and grown in our truest and most authentic selves where we are not welcomed at the margins but leading from the center fully as all that we are; that we get to learn and grow together; that we get to honor our collective and individual legacies as we honor and recognize one another.

Love is Lifeforce
— June Jordan


There are some opportunities for us to share our brilliance with one another. I will be reaching out to you individually.

We are now 7 days away from the first night of the Revival. I am excited about the surprises we have in store for our loved ones who are gathering. I am grateful for all of the help that has been offered and given. Even the challenges have felt providential. I am more present than ever to the fact that this is a seed toward deep collaboration, collective accountability and spiritual community we are building here in Durham and extending far and wide.

Spirit is waking me up early now with edits and I am humbled by that process; while inspiration is keeping me up late. I trust that everything will run smoothly and we will learn peaceful lessons from the things that prefer a little more ditty bop as they unfold. Until Soon…

DISCLAIMER: We are creating a space of infinite love. This space is one that centers Black Lesbian/SGL/Queer and gender non-conforming people, passion and purpose. To that end, everyone in the space should be excited to center Black SGL/Queer and GNF identities and experience in this space. If somehow someone finds themselves in this space and demonstrates that they are not in alignment with the passion, purpose or personage of Black Queer and GNC folks they/you will be lovingly asked to leave.