In this phase of the filmmaking process you have an idea or draft of a script and intend to develop it into an excellent script that can be made into a movie. An excellent script means it conveys not only the story but all the necessary information that the entire cast and crew will need in order to do their jobs effectively. We offer products and services to support those interested in just getting a basic introduction AND a deep dive for those interested in engaging the Black Feminist Film School methodology for filmmaking.

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Script development: An Introduction

This experience is great for those who have little to no experience with script reading or writing. You will walk away with the tools to 1) develop characters and a story that you can 2) put into proper script format and 3) edit your scripts for clarity.

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Script Development:
Character & Location

This experience is great for those who have been introduced to script writing all the way up to professional script writers who are interested in filmmaking/scriptwriting from a Black Feminist framework or as spiritual practice.

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Script Development: Themes & Timing

This experience is great for those who are pros, intermediate writers and those interested in a non-linear approach to a logistically specific art like filmmaking. Here we allow themes to function as ceremony inside of the script.