ART: Practice of Presence

Why is it so easy to be present?

I have felt like I was in a constant delay around spending time in my studio and making progress on the What If God... Dome Project. Something sparked a clarity that I am grateful for. I am in the right time, all the time and especially right now. This simple clarity brought me present to the fact that I can be present to THIS phase and let it be a strong foundation for the phases to come.

I want to share what this pre-fulltime phase might look like.

architect books.png


  • Identify the texts, technologies and collaborators that will further the project
  • Acquire the texts and technologies
  • Correspond with collaborators and advisors


  • Grow my geometry and drafting skills and knowledge
  • Practice 3D design and modeling by hand and with software
  • Practice cuts and joinery techniques


  • Schedule immersive training-practice periods with experts and interviews
  • Create a timeline for the construction and testing phases
  • Design audience engagement and participation studies