Combahee Pilgrimage  (Retreat) Anniversary of the Combahee River Raid led by Harriet Tubman. 21 Queer Black Feminists on the Combahee River

Combahee Pilgrimage (Retreat)
Anniversary of the Combahee River Raid led by Harriet Tubman. 21 Queer Black Feminists on the Combahee River

Existing Knowledge & Skill

     We are so excited at even the prospect of collaborating with you. Aside from organization and logistics skills, we want to have a sense of the areas you would be able and willing to venture into for our collaboration. We are interested in getting a more detailed understanding of your knowledge and skills along with your affinities and interests. That way we can be sure to supplement our overall team with other collaborators on a project-by-project basis. You, Sangodare and Alexis will, however, have an umbrella relationship to all the projects. Though it will not be necessary for you to do all things at all times, different projects will require different skill-sets and tasks, including learning as we go.
     If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Interest and/or Afinnity

     We are grateful to the universe and all of our ancestors that there is an alignment strong enough to bring us together at this moment. We are so grateful to have a grounded force on our team and participating in our other collaborations as well. We are interested in supporting you to follow your interests and affinities beyond managing tasks, schedules, information, etc, and so we want to understand the other areas you are interested in exploring. We are happy for this collaboration to be a learning experience and skill-building experience for all of us.



Housing is provided as well as stipend and travel allowance.


a) Stipend of $1000/month for 3 months (total $3,000)

b) Bonus: $1000 at the end of the residency/contract to support your transition toward your next adventure
       (unless you renew with us, then the bonus would come at the end of the final contract)

a) Private bedroom and bathroom in an apartment in Appleton, WI for 3 months
       (may be shared with 1-2 other bffs, MbHc team members)

OR Hotel room in Appleton.

b) The second bedroom may be occupied by cast and crew that come into town temporarily for filming and other projects.

Ground Transportation
a) Ground Transportation to and from work sites via rideshare services such as lyft.

b) Work related travel within driving distance will be done via car rental.

a) Airfare to and from "home" at the beginning and end of the 3 month residency/contract
       (1 round trip ticket)

b) Airfare will be provided for travel that is not in driving distance or when our schedule requires faster travel. International travel may be necessary so it is important for you to have or quickly get a passport.

Knowledge, Skill and Interest Form

Hopefully, this form will be a relatively quick and easy way for you to communicate to us about your knowledge, skills and interests related to our needs. The tasks listed below represent the necessary elements to achieve our goals, mission and vision. They fall into three categories - Spiritual, Media/Communications and Logistics/Administrative. On this page we are both sharing about what will be involved in the collaboration and measuring where you would most contribute to those tasks.

Choose your selections based on this statement: "I have knowledge, skill, a practice or interest in this area."  Choose the most relevant and highest level that applies.

  • For example, I have a lot of experience making phone calls but I do not want to make phone calls. So I would choose "Strongly Disagree" because what is most relevant is that I have no interest in doing this task.
  • For example, I have read many books about healing and am very interested in it but have not participated in any healing training. So, I would choose "Strongly Agree" because I am interested and that is most relevant.
When We Free Cast & Crew  photo at The Stone House in Mebane, NC

When We Free Cast & Crew photo at The Stone House in Mebane, NC