Breath After

Breath After is a sound design piece created by Sangodare in collaboration with Sista Docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs’s graduate seminar M Archive: Black Feminism After the End of the World using audio from a series of sound circles created with the scholars/students and inspiration drawn from their contributions to the M Archive Anthology called BREATHING THROUGH THE END OF THE WORLD which is forthcoming.

Note: recommend listening to it as a meditation with headphones on.

Inherit Light:

An Evolutionary Practice of Love Consciousness

Full Gallery Exhibition @ UMN September 6, 2018 - October 6, 2018  More Info.

Listen to the first sermon in the series
What If God Is...

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other current projects...

* Visual, Sound & Media from Sermons & Preaching Practice
Inherit Light an Exhibition and Events (Sep. 6 - oct 6, 2018 at UMN)

* Black Feminist Film School, co-founder

* Mobile Homecoming, co-founder

* 2017-18 Visiting Artist / Faculty, Film Studies
Lawrence University - Appleton , WI

* Mobile Homecoming Trust, Living Library & Archive, co-founder

* 2017-19 Artist in Residence in the Dept. of Art
University of MN, Twin Cities

Allied Media Conference 2016

Film, MUSIC & Interactive technology

What kind of films do you make? What kind of music, art, etc. This is a common question people ask. Sangodare's film and creative practice is grounded in a commitment to growth and transformation (expanding love) by every means. Grounded in the cultural practices of singing and preaching rooted in the Black Baptist church of the Carolinas, Sangodare activates that tradition using film and music as were parables and expressions of the ancestral legacies of the Griot, the Prophet and the Preacher.


POetics & sermonics

Sangodare's writing practice has its roots in the Black church tradition. "In my poetry and sermons I am about the business of uncovering and articulating the truth, love and the pathways to get us there. I am interested in progression not arrival and my poetry practice and sermons/preaching practice keeps it moving." Sangodare activates sermons in sacred and secular spaces around the world, crafting each sermon for the audience based on site-specific inspiration. The sacred texts of these sermons are Black feminist literature, Yoruba/Ifa scriptural wisdom and Soul music. Sangodare has been commissioned to create sermons for spiritual, historical, artistic and community events of all kinds.

production photo-When We Free.JPG

a Black Feminist Film School production

When We Free Production still from on-location filming at Eno River in Durham, NC
(l to r: Ladan, Taylor, Sangodare also known as Julia)



Sangodare is currently writing a sermon series called What If God Is... It will include 256 sermons that will each be activated inside of a multi-sensory dome space designed and built by Sangodare. The multi-sensory space will include elements such as:

- an interactive altar
- word art and motion graphics
- sound design
- low frequency / reverberation design
- light sculpting

and more...



Sangodare's filmmaking practice led them to co-found Black Feminist Film School (with Sista Docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs). Sangodare activates Code Griot[te], an initiative  to educate, develop, and connect Black storytellers, graphic designers, and web developers for the purpose of creating culturally relevant interactive and immersive projects in collaboration with Courtney Reid Eaton (exhibitions director at CDS @ Duke) and Lana Garland (international media producer and filmmaker).

Sangodare reminds us to embrace all of our technologies, pointing out, "I create and share technology that is electronic and also technology that is completely analog - from game design to call & response or hymn singing."


ThOSE who form Me.

Pauli Murray, Toni Cade Bambara
Akasha (Gloria) Hull, Barbara Smith, Demita Frazier, Margaret Okazawa-Rey, Audre Lorde
Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Judylyn S. Ryan, Hortense Spillers,
Marlon Riggs, Julie Dash
Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Adrienne Marie Brown
Rev. Dr. Waylon R. Wallace
Anthonette (Anne) Elix Wallace
Theaster Gates, Marvin K. White, E. Patrick Johnson,


The forms of expression.

producer, writer, director, editor
graphic designer, interactive designer
computer programmer
composer, conductor, facilitator, musician
curator, Priest, strategist
metalsmith, sculptor
writer, poet